Your Private Information Isn't Quite That Private

It is astounding how much private, personal information on just about anyone is readily available for public access. Government agencies such as your State Motor Vehicle Department and the Social Security Administration have a wealth of information on you that can be tapped rather easily by outside parties. With little more than a social security number and a date of birth, anyone can find out all they need to capture your identity.

With identity theft on the rise, more stringent methods are being implemented to protect private consumer information from being accessed by outside parties. You should be in control of who sees and is allowed access to your private information. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you have on your credit usage and personal information, the harder it becomes for your identity to be stolen.

Links to the Medical Information Bureau, Social Security Administration, the State Departments of Motor Vehicles, and the three Credit Repositories, where you can view the personal information these agencies have about you, have been provided below. Explore these sites and take the proper measures to keep your private information, private.

Information Agencies:

Other Resources: